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LaseSDM - Slab Dimension Measurement

Length, width, thickness and shape - Slabs can be measured in all of their dimensions: The solutions by LASE are configured modularly in order that the measurements are according to customers' request as follows.

System features:

  • Lenght
  • Width
  • Thickness
  • Shape (wedge and saber in horizontal orientation)
  • Shape (saber in vertical orientation)

The above pictured measuring frame mit the name LaseSDM consists of width-, thickness-(two-lane) and lenght metering. The lasers for width measurements are adjustable in height and the lasers for thickness measurements are adjusatble in width.

Short description:
The laser triangulation meters are built into a measuring frame which accommodates adjustments of the measuring devices for different slab widths and thicknesses. By means of the triangulation sensors the slab width and thickness is determined very exactly.
On two rollers in front of the measuring frame two incremental rotary encoders are mounted. The turns of the rolls are registered and with additional input of the laser meters the length of the blocks is determined by the encoders.

For cooling purposes, the laser distance meters are implemented in air scavenged and water cooled housings. Fresh air is sucked in by a ventilator with an upstream filter (situated in the basement), transported plus divided over an air pipe to the measuring frame as well as conducted by separate lines to the laser housings. The scavenging air system serves as avoidance of dust deposits and the cooling plates are integrated in the housing for water cooling.

For these tasks the following triangulation meters are built into the measuring frame as follows:

  • Above the roller table: 2 sensors with a distance of 1150 mm
  • Underneath the roller table: 2 sensors with a distance of 700 mm
  • Sideways of the roller table: 1 sensor at each side (right and left) at a distance of 700 mm
  • Two incremental rotary encoders are adapted mechanically and mounted on two rolls.