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Slab positioning system at automatic slab cranes from Danieli


(LASE GmbH) (Wesel, 20.11.2017)

LASE has delivered both a slab position and size measurement system to the Italian manufacturer Danieli Centro Cranes for the automatic operation of a slab crane. The system consists of 4 laser scanners attached to the crane trolley and measure slabs under the tong from all different sides. The customer, a big steel manufacturer, can now realise very accurate pick and drop operations. Data about the slab dimension and position are sent by Ethernet to the SPS.

Within this installation the measurement system LaseSPY - Slab Positioning Yard consists of four laser scanners out of the LASE 2000D-11x Series attached to the crane trolley. The laser scanners measure from all different sides onto the slab, which hangs under the tong. The pick and drop position of the slab is determined (in cooperation with a warehouse management system - WMS) and furthermore the width, length and number of slabs are recorded, too. A safe acquisition of single slabs is also possible. The data from the laser scanners are processed by a LASE Control Unit (LCU) and sent by Ethernet to the supervisory stock control management system. Due to this measurement system an automatic operation of the yard is ensured. The solution LaseSPY - Slab Positioning Yard is a measurement system that works differently either for pick or for drop operations.

Pickup of Slabs

For a pickup of a slab the crane moves to the nominal target position. If the crane is very close to this position, the dimension of the slabs for pick operation will be measured. By knowing these results the center position for the picking process will be calculated. The center position will be compared to the actual crane position (delivered by the SPS). The delta values in width and length direction will be sent to the PLC. With this information it is possible to move the crane to the best possible position for picking up the slabs.

Deposition of Slabs

The deposition of slabs is different because the transportation of a slab in the tong makes it more difficult to measure the ground for the target position. For this reason the target position will be measured during the crane movement to this position. This information will be saved in the data memory of the LaseSPY application. Later on, by having this information, it’s also possible to determine the delta values in length and width direction. Additionally the length and width values also allow the calculation of the best possible stacking position.

The pickup either can be done from a train, from the yard or any other transfer vehicle. A deposition of the slabs can only be done in the yard or from a transfer vehicle because trains do not have an automated operation process.

More information about the application LaseSPY can be found on the product page here...