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Safe Traffic Control for Straddle Carrier operations

Straddle Carriers are one of the most simple but also effective systems to handle container load. They can easily be managed and have a high flexibility because they can be sent to nearly every corner of the terminal. Container transport can be done independent from the STS or Yard Crane operation and they can also be the stacking machines for the Yard. Nevertheless, high flexibility can only be managed by ensuring high safety in the operation area. The elimination of human error is the main benefit and leads to high improvement in workplace safety by applying an assistance system for Straddle Carrier drivers - SAFE TRAFFIC CONTROL.

The product LaseSPC - Straddle Carrier Positioning Crane is a 2D measurement system for exact Straddle Carrier positioning under STS cranes and is applicable for multi-lane operations with up to two Straddle Carriers simultaneously. The system controls the traffic under the crane to avoid that lifting units collide with Straddle Carriers.



Two 2D-Laser scanners are installed each on the land- and waterside gantry and create a horizontal scan plane in a height of approx. 7m. Two pairs of LED displays are also installed on the gantry crosswise above the buffer in the height of the SC driver cabin. Above each operation lane traffic lights are mounted on the portal girder, too. The 2D-Laser scanners measure onto reference markers (equipped on all four legs) and calculate the exact position of the SC.


Operation 1: Straddle Carrier approaches the portal area

When the LaseSPC system recognizes a SC approaching the portal area or almost under it, the lifting unit is not allowed to be lowered in the portal area and the hoist will be stopped.


Operation 2: Spreader already positioned in the portal area

When the crane spreader moves within the portal in order to pick or drop a container, the approaching SC is recognized within the surveillance area in front of and behind the portal area. The access of the SC will be denied by giving the SC driver a visual feedback with a red light from the traffic lights above the relevant lane.


Straddle Carrier Positioning with visual guidance

The driver of the SC gets a visual feedback of his relative position to the centre line of the crane and also of the final target position via LED displays.

A deviation of the SC position to the centre will be shown as numeric information on the display in order to move forward or backward and to align the SC perfectly.


Pre-adjustment of spreader & trolley

The positioning results could be used to do pre-adjustments of the trolley and spreader in order to have a perfect container pick-up.

Pre-adjustments are especially important for double hoist and/or twin operations.


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