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Project completion for laser volume measurement systems on conveyor belts and yard stacking machines at Vale’s S11D in Brazil


(LASE GmbH) (Wesel, 09.04.2018)

LASE has finished a further project for volume measurement of stockpiles at Vale’s S11D Complex in North Brazil. In this huge plant iron ore is measured on different storage and regulation yards by 2D and 3D laser scanners, which deliver exact data about the volume, height and position for the management of seven stockpiles. Totally four 3D- and nine 2D laser scanners have been equipped on seven stacker and reclaimer machines resp. material yards.

After finishing the first project with a volume measurement system for 15 conveyor belts at S11D in the Brazilian municipality Canaã dos Carajas (Federal State of Para), LASE has equipped 2D and 3D laser measurement systems as well as a specific yard management software (LaseBVH - Bulk Volume Heap) for seven storage and regulation yards in the world’s biggest mining facility. Due to the project success and in order to fulfill the increasing demand on the automation of stacker or reclaimer machines for material handling, 2D- and 3D laser measurement technology has been chosen as key solution again.

In the regulation yard each of the three machines is equipped with three 2D laser scanners, which measure the stockpile in a vertical scan plane parallel to the machine boom. While the stacker machine is moving on the railway along the yard as well as during the stacking process, the laser scanners scan the stockpile permanently. With the knowledge of the exact machine position by using DGPS systems, a 3D image profile of each stockpile with incl. height and volume data is generated. These data are displayed in a specific manager software where all stockpiles are divided into zones.

In the other yard for storage operations four reclaimer machines are provided with each one 3D laser scanner, which are mounted at the highest point of the machine. By collecting all 3D measurement data and the exact position (DGPS) of the machine, a 3D image of the surrounding stockpiles is created here as well. The LaseBVH application software also contains special filter algorithms to extract machine construction parts (e.g. boom, struts) out of the scan data and shows the real volume and profile information accurately.

All data from the GPS system, laser scanners and the machines are collected by a specific LASE Control Unit (LCU) and are forwarded to the central control station by an Ethernet connection. This system architecture allows a permanent digital monitoring of all machines for a frictionless operation. Because of its robust design the application LaseBVH allows reliable operations even at rough outdoor conditions like in this iron ore facility at Vale’s S11D.

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Image on top: View over a mining yard at S11D Complex / © LASE