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LaseBCP - Bulk Collision Prevention

Anti-collision monitoring for ship unloader between chain-and-bucket excavators (or ship’s unloaders) and ship’s hatch (as well as bulk material height measurement).

System features:

  • Anti-collision monitoring of chain-and-bucket excavators and ship unloaders
  • Alarm signal in case of possible collision
  • Bulk material height measurement within ship
  • Optimised removal
  • Profibus interface

Short description:

The measurement system LaseBCP - Bulk Collision Prevention consists of four LASE 2000D laser scanners, that are mounted at the vertical conveyor and a LASE Control Unit (LCU). Each of both laser scanners scan in a vertical area alongside the outer skin of the vertical conveyor and measure the distance to the ship’s hatch. In case of a lower deviation by a parameterized value a collision warning will be output directly. Additionally, next to the anti-collision system, an information about the fill level can be given.

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