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LaseLCPS - Load Collision Prevention Systems

Over the years and due to industry needs, we also focused on developing specific safety systems and software applications for RTG, RMG, aRTG, aRMG and STS cranes. The level of automation in container handling has increased significantly in the last years - the same is too extending vessel sizes with the requirement to handle even more containers at the same time. In accordance with the safety campaigns by several terminal operators, port authorities and associations, LASE supports safer container handling operations with its LaseLCPS - Load Collision Prevention System.

LaseLCPS can detect container profiles in stacking areas and determine the load position simultaneously - always with the purpose to prevent collisions. Each system consists of 3D and 2D laser scanners (depending on the application), which are mounted at the crane under the trolley platform averted to the cabin. While the load is being moved by the crane at each application a "Surveillance Cube" is built around the load within the software, which protects the load until the move is finished. In case of any possible collision or near miss through chimney stacks or misaligned containers in adjacent stacks the system informs the crane PLC to reduce the crane travel speed or even to stop.


Common system features:

  • 2D and/or 3D container profiling in gantry/trolley drive direction
  • Collision prevention between load and (adjacent) stacks
  • Gentle container handling trough soft landings & less spreader wear
  • Path optimization - no time-consuming square moves
  • Driver assistance
  • Reduction of container damage claims resp. stack topples


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