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LaseCDI - Container Damage Inspection

In order to enhance the degree of automation in ports and terminals, the game-changing application LaseCDI - Container Damage Inspection has been developed to enable the automatic detection of damage to containers without disturbing the workflow.

The examination of the container surfaces at gate operating systems (roofs, side and end walls) by means of laser technology is combined with OCR container recognition and high resolution imaging to actively detect different kinds of damage (bulges, dents, tears, holes, etc.) in containers.

With a scan frequency of 100 Hz and an angle resolution of 0.5°, the data obtained by the laser scanner is forwarded to dedicated application software, which produces an intelligent profile image of the container. The detected damage category, extent and location are displayed to the operator. The system is able to work under harsh environmental conditions with a temperature range of -30° to +50° C to ensure continuous operation.


Image 1: Software illustration of a measured truck (© LASE)    ll    Image 2: Installation and measuring principle of the 2D laser scanners (© LASE)

LaseCDI-GATE solution - Features and Benefits:

  • Active damage inspection
  • 3D surface inspection
  • Detection of the roof, side and end walls
  • Applicable during check-in at the Gate
  • Easy to assemble into already existing (OCR-) Gates
  • Immediate alarm generation
  • Individual exception handling to avoid interruptions at later stages

In order to gather more information about the measurement operation of the LaseCDI-GATE solution you can watch the embedded YouTube animation below. In case of any problems you can also stream it from our webserver here...

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Animation: LaseCDI-GATE - Container Damage Inspection -GATE