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VDI Conference - Automation & Digitization of Cranes

Veranstalter: VDI
Die Veranstaltung beginnt am: 11 Sep 17 10:00
Und endet am: 14 Sep 17 18:00
Geschrieben von: kLrdz75jLB

The VDI Conference ‚Automation & Digitization of Cranes‘ offers a detailed overview of future and cross-industry developments in automation and digitization of harbor and industrial cranes. Enhance your knowledge on how to automate existing cranes and find out how your facility can benefit of automation. Further, you will gain in-depth insight into the technical, operational and legal aspects to consider. As a consequence you will be well equipped to successfully drive forward the crane automation and digitization process in your company.

Key topics:

• Digitization of older Crane Systems and for the Building of New Ones
• The Transition from Remote Monitoring to Predictive Maintenance
• Economic Benefits through Automation & Digitization of Cranes
• Ensuring Safety and Security for Automation
• Best-Practice Examples of Automation Projects

+ Excursion to the fully automated EMO Terminal in Rotterdam

Conference venue:

Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Centre
Leuvehaven 80
3011 EA Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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